Alarm Application

House and Fire Alarm Systems


The Brielle Police Department is currently updating our Alarm System.  A review of our files indicate that some residents have not updated their information in quite some time.  We are, therefore, requesting all residents that have any alarm systems to complete the forms below.  Updated forms can be dropped off  at Police Headquarters or email Ptl. Ron Sofield at your earliest convenience.  This update will allow us to serve you better in the event there is an alarm activation.  We are making this available with no additional registration fee for those who currently have their alarm registered. Update Alarm Application


If you have a newly installed alarm system or have one that was not registered with our department, please complete the registration form for New Alarm Application and drop off the completed form with the application fee to Police Headquarters.

Any questions contact Ptl. Ron Sofield at 732-528-5056 extension 5161 or


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